Little Love Valentine’s Party

For my son’s first birthday, which falls right around Valentine’s Day, I wanted to have a Little Love party for him. I have always been into making handmade invites that fit the party’s theme and would often hand deliver them due to the nature of their shape/size. For this party, I created these mini bouquets for the party invites by purchasing 2 dozen orange roses and 2 dozen red from my local Costco. I also just purchased some of this heart printed scrapbook paper from Michael’s, and after wrapping the stems with a wet paper towel and then enclosing them with some cellophane wrap and a rubber band, I fancied up the bouquet by enveloping it with this scrapbook paper and a little sash with the party details. The heart pocket was fastened on with a mini clothespin, and when guests pulled on cupid’s arrow, there was a tiny love poem in there for our little man’s big day (scroll to bottom of post for wording and assembly).


In keeping with the theme, we had a tasting menu with all small bites. Our menu included the following:

1. Cashew Popcorn – We had mini shot glasses filled with my favorite snack recipe (I wrapped the base of each glass with a band of scrap paper matching that from the invites and secured it with some hot glue). For the popcorn, see below…

2. Corn dog ramekins – added 1/2 hot dog and some of this cornbread batter into each ramekin before baking)

3. Tuna tartare tasting spoons

4. Pb&j heart sandwiches

5. Roast beef minis – sliced roast beef on toasted baguette, with a generous spread of herbed Boursin cheese, a nice shaving of horseradish root (use microplane to shred it), and some fresh arugula

6. Ham and cheese sliders

      • 2 packages party rolls (Martin’s Potato Party Rolls or King’s Hawaiian work well)
      • 1 lb cooked sliced ham
      • 16-20 slices provolone or mozzarella cheese
      • 1 stick butter
      • 2 tablespoons poppy seeds
      • ¼ cup onion flakes
      • ½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
      • 2 teaspoons mustard


Cross cut whole packages of bread in half (do not cut individual sandwiches yet). Layer ham, cheese, ham, cheese and put top of rolls  back on. In microwave or stove, mix all remaining ingredients until butter is melted. Pour/spread mixture evenly over top. Cook at 400o for 8-15 mins on bottom rack, until cheese melts and top browned. Cut apart & enjoy!

7. Brownie bites and single serve banana pudding bowls.




To make a runner that matched our color palette, I just purchased some scrapbook paper, trimmed the edges with a punch press and mini hole puncher from Michael’s and then taped the papers together to span across the table. There were going to be a lot of platters, etc. on the table, so I wasn’t worried at all about the seams.







As a backdrop, we built a frame out of wood that we painted white and then used a staple gun to run some wire sheeting across the back. To it, we added some brown shipping paper (mainly because it was going in front of a window… this frame looks super cute without the paper backing as well, when it’s up against more of an opaque background). I made some handmade envelopes and slipped a little cardstock inside each one and asked people at the party to write Kingston a little note for him to read on his 21st birthday.






It was a perfect little day celebrating our baby… definitely one I know we will never forget! Hope you are surrounded with lots of love this Valentine’s Day! xoxoxo


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