American Girl

As the 4th of July nears, one can’t help but feel pride for this great country we live in. For our freedom, the beautiful melting pot, and the countless opportunities. Independence Day is a time to celebrate and reflect on what makes America great — even if we sometimes just wanna soak up the sun, the food, bevies and a day off of work to make more fun memories with the special people in our lives — being an American comes with so many amazing blessings.

Part of being an American is the freedom of expression, which can shine thru in our various fashion senses. I wanted to share a variety of Americana styles… pieces that, to me, have been iconic in the American culture and feel very timeless. You know, denim, cowboy boots, and obviously all the Reds, Whites and Blues.

Even though I am all about some patriotic feels, I’m ironically spending the 4th up in Canada. The way I see it, I like to be neighborly, so no shame in that 😉 Hope you all found some inspiration in checking out my idea of some American classics. All of my looks are linked with my under Have a safe and very happy Fourth, babes!



Photos courtesy of Kurt Hilton Photography

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