Unscripted Love – Staycation in Durham, NC

I just spent 24 brilliant hours at the Unscripted Hotel in nearby Durham, and let me tell you, that place has some seriously cool vibes that just resonate throughout. Every detail of its decor were thought out. It’s right up my alley, with its midcentury modern feel and hip energy. It’s artistic and inclusive. It’s lively and warm. It welcomes everyone, and you can feel it.

When you walk into the lobby, there’s not a traditional front desk. There’s a cozy corner that sits off from the meeting space that reads more like a lounge. The barista counter serves yummy sandwiches, salads, etc. from its All Day menu, and Thursday-Saturday evenings, it will later on switch over to a happening bar with a live DJ.

The other nights of the week, it still has plenty of fun planned… from live music on Wednesday nights, to Trivia Tuesdays, and night swims with a happenin’ DJ, it’s just a lively place! I also love how there is so much culture that surrounds it… it’s in the heart of Durham’s foodie district (check out my favorite recommendations on my full Durham post!) and central to various entertainment options, such as the Durham Performing Arts Center and Durham Bulls baseball stadium.

I know I’m not alone when I say that when I travel, a cool 70% is about the food. There are so many crush worthy spots just steps outside its doors… and to be honest, because its an area teeming with great options, The Unscripted has created an outstanding menu to keep pace with it all.

When I stayed there, I spent a seriously chill early evening enjoying the Night Swim. The DJ was awesome, and these Fresh Fruit Froses were better than anything! Then I made my way to dinner at The Littler (off premises) and enjoyed the fireworks being set off at the ball park on my short walk home. I decided to just “check out” the late night scene in what was the “lobby” just a few hours earlier, and to my surprise, it was seriously bumpin! I love that this place has so much ease to it all… you can partake in any of the happenings they have going on, or should you decide to retire to your cozy room and all its art deco glory, that retreat won’t disappoint either!

The next morning was filled with a poolside Drag Brunch and lots of great entertainment! There was a live DJ and plenty of mimosas to go around… and when the show ended I just moseyed on over to spend the second half of Sunday Funday chilling on the day bed and relaxing at the rooftop pool. The poolside menu was fab (especially their poke, guac and veggie burger… yummm!), and I got to finish the evening at one of my favorite restaurants, serving up Spanish tapas — Mateo. It was an amazing little staycation that I think would be perfect for anyone coming into the area and looking for a hip place to park it, or even for us locals looking to feel like we’ve escaped from our own realities! Thank you, Unscripted, for having me! xoxo




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